30% Americans Have Heart Problems

30% of Americans will die from a heart attack, or stroke.  Last week, I was invited to join a "stroke" therapy group (I was not the speaker).  I went to visit initially because I wanted to find out how "strokers" think about their strokes.
I was astounded! One person was there two days after his stroke … some had suffered a stroke fifteen years ago … and were still happy.  They still held on to the hope that they could get whole again. 
One woman had a “one arm stroke,” her arm was helpless.  For five years, she believed that God had cursed her.  That thought process made her helpless. Through therapy she learned to believe that she was NOT helpless.  She changed from helpless, to writing a cookbook for "Cooks with one arm."  She was no longer helpless.

She loved herself, and was happy where she was in the NOW.

Helplessness is a learned behavior that may, or may not, stem from real life debilitating circumstances. But constantly thinking thoughts about how helpless you are only reinforces the feeling of having no control.  The helpless mind focuses on helplessness.  A helpless person must throw out these negative thought patterns.  Then they can gain the ability to empower themselves.

Video:  http://www.symbiosis4u.us/MP4/ThinkDifferent.html (1 min)

One man was in a wheel chair because his stroke robbed him of the use of his legs.  He sat in his wheel chair, exercising with one pound dumbbells in his hands.  (I thought that dumbbells started at five pounds.) 

Helplessness leads to depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem, further entrenching you in a compromised life.
Right NOW! Be thankful for what you have, instead of moaning about what you lack. Be satisfied with what you have when you are in pursuit of what you want.

Happiness, more than anything, is a choice every "stroker" makes every day. They can choose to accept the stroke, to become well again, and be as happy as before they had a stroke.
Video: http://www.symbiosis4u.us/MP4/TheseRules.html (4 min)

One man felt that he had no control over his life.  He did not have a stroke.  His wife had a stroke.  He was struggling with how to put his wife of 32 years in hospice care.  He did not want to make the decision.  He was trying to take control of his own life, and he found that control inept.  He was not happy with his decisions.  He couldn't remember his wife and the love they had together.  He felt he had not control over his life.  He chose to not be happy.

Happiness is a conscious decision. You choose to be happy today, or you choose to be miserable. Your action/reaction is determined by how you choose to perceive a situation.
A couple was taking a walk on their vacation in Florida. The couple suddenly found themselves surrounded by crocodiles. The man thought “Oh My God … crocodiles!” While his wife thought “Oh My God … handbags!

A lot of people get things mixed up. A wife thinks about all the bad things her husband does, while a widow remembers all the good stuff her husband did. That is the ultimate recipe for misery! Isn’t it better to switch the lists around?

No one else is going to make you happy. Think for yourself, "I am powerful and in control of my life and destiny." 

About 1965, I read about "strokes" in a health magazine.  The article said that strokes are caused when cholesterol has clogged the arteries of the heart.  The article said that doctors can replace the clogged artery of the heart, and replace it with veins from the legs.  I wondered why the legs veins were not filled with cholesterol, like the heart arteries.  I got the answer to my question about cholesterol, but I waited forty years to get that answer.

Here is the answer, I waited for forty years. http://www.symbiosis4u.us/MP4/FourThingsAboutYourPressure.html(10 min, I watched in three times, the video is very good) 

Be happy, healthy, wise, and abundant,
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