Five emotions will change your life, for good or bad.

This sounds simple --- yet can be very difficult. Since the majority of us tend to have our emotions arise unconsciously. You might not be deliberately selecting your emotions on a daily basis. There are hundreds of emotions, but five emotions change your life for good or bad.

1. Emotional Radiance  

CautionEmotional Radiance (ER) amplifies emotion. ER increases all love and increases all fear. All emotions radiate in the direction of one or the other.

Painful emotions felt in relation to a lover’s quarrel, money vanished, and health challenges radiate in the fear spectrum.  So when your Emotional Radiance points toward fear, you feel anger, frustration, disappointment, etc.

Activate your ER toward the good stuff in life, and particularly love and wealth, so that the emotions you feel toward love, money, and finances are expressed as joy, excitement, hope, love and gratitude.

How can you build your emotional radiance with love, abundance, and non-material goods?

Try beginning and ending each day with a ceremony that rejoices in abundance and emotionally excites or uplifts you. Choose an inspiring poem or music, a visually powerful video, or beautiful picture. And then add in your own declarations of health for some added energy.

2. Perceptual Radiance

FireWalkerPerceptual Radiance (PR) is determined by how you habitually perceive the world. Tony Robbins wrote if you could change one word, you could walk barefoot on hot coals. The one word he would change is the word "percept [ion]."

Your brain has hardwired itself to perceive your current reality in a specific way – and not necessarily an accurate way --- based on the perceptions you consistently had in the past.

It has also created strong connections: pairing certain events, people and physical sensations --- with particular emotional states.

In other words, you perceive your present reality as a repetition of your past emotional experiences, even when the actual reality may be different. What you perceive triggers those past emotions all over again --- both good and bad emotions! This leads to a vicious cycle or broken record of the past that is literally hardwired into your brain and biology (remember that your emotions are also chemical and biological).

How can you rewire your brain to align your perception with your desires? The Soichiro Honda, founder Honda Corporation, uses the words "Kick out the ladder!" Here video, from Honda Corporation, which catches the heart of the Honda founder. http://www.symbiosis4u.us/MP4/IntoTheUnknown.html

There are several ways to accomplish this such as vigilant thinking, affirmations or thought replacement (every time you catch yourself thinking something negative, replace it with a positive thought). However thinking requires significant willpower, time and effort. Most of us simply don’t have the regular time or dependable willpower --- kick out the ladder.

3. Informational Radiance

intellectInformational Radiance (IR) is simply the knowledge, and facts, you speak, write, or signify in some way. You communicate and reason – with yourself or with others.

The information you learn and commit to (through belief, teaching or demonstrating) is used to validate your perceptions and emotions. As your IR aligns with what you want, you feel good, or feel bad --- automatically.

You’ll also find that the more knowledge you gain about yourself and the way you operate best to get what you want… the easier it becomes to achieve your goals because you’re working with yourself, rather than against yourself.

4. Behavioral Radiance

lyingeyesBehavioral Radiance (BR) is established through your habitual actions, the concrete ways you communicate your inner emotions to the outside world and the responses you receive back from the world. This interaction is called mirroring. What you do comes back to you. This is where the rubber meets the road.

You transform your own Emotional Radiance, through the mirrors of Behavioral Radiance. In other words, the responses you receive from the outside world change how you feel. It’s important however to distinguish between intended actions (mind) and habitual behaviors (emotions).

It is your Behavioral Radiance that needs to be transformed.  Because intended actions (mind) cannot hope to compete with your 10,000 habitual words (emotions): distractions, procrastinations, physical postures, and habitual choices (such as what to eat or where to spend your time) that you make every single day.

Science says that humans create a new habit in 21 days. I recommend focusing on your Behavioral Radiance for at least 60 days to create a habit. Since we’re all human, we might miss a few days here or there in the 21 day --- that why the 60 days. You can with start with the 21 days every time you hiccup (one second) on your BR, you begin again for 21 days.

5. Reciprocal Radiance

What we radiate --- returns to us. Likewise, what others radiate toward us can affect our own frequency. This is why your outer environment and the people you allow into your space can largely determine your happiness and income levels.

Think about five friends who have been friends for five years. Five years ago, those five friends’ incomes were different; some had more education than others, and they had diverse dreams. In most cases, after five years all five friends will have about the same amount of income, or they will stop being friends. They simply no longer radiate on the same frequency.

WeddingDay-sHow is this possible? At a scientific level it is because closed systems of energy must maintain equilibrium. When you exchange energy with another person (through exchanging ideas, emotions, conversation or physical engagement) you open your system to their system and vice versa.

You and a new friend create a new closed system and must eventually reach equilibrium. If you continue to share energy, and stay in each other’s energy fields, (which does not require close physical proximity, but rather emotional proximity) you reach balance.

Therefore when someone projects an emotion towards you, and you engage them in any way that allows an exchange of energy. You are naturally triggered to respond with emotions of your own.

For example, when someone showers you with supportive energy you will naturally feel peace, ease, protection and safety. When someone radiates love and joy you will naturally feel more buoyant and carefree or joyous around them --- that is abundance.

In this way our reciprocal energies “bounce” back and forth and build in intensity as they reinforce each other.

Five words change your life, if you get out of your own way?

Be happy, healthy, wise, and abundance,

Tom Van Drielen


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