Twenty feets changes the twenty miles

It was thirteen years ago, the first I saw the 9-11-2001 videos.  A month, after all the videos in the dreadfulness, I thought a different idea that happened at the towers. The towers ended of working into the office. Then began, to work from twenty feet inside home in employment.


About 90% people, working in the towers, used a telephone and a computer. Those 90% people left home on that morning --- and forgot about their telephone and a computer at home … they forgot their office in their home.


In 2000, few employers worked at home. In 2010, 13.4 million people worked at least one day at home per week --- an increase of over 4 million people in the last decade (US Census). Now, that is established as a daily --- walking twenty feet to their office.


This month I got a email that answered my vision of walking to the office. Mindvalley, a company in Malaysia, sent the email. Here are the best of that email (I put the pictures).

A few years back we decided to expand our Customer Support team and open a support center in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a hotbed for customer support centers with even major companies like Amazon.com having teams there. (Working at the office, not working at home.)

But when we opened up applications we noticed an interesting pattern. A lot of the candidates who applied were single moms. They were attracted to our jobs because we allowed people to work from home.

But to be honest, we really didn’t think it was going to work out. How could a work from home mother who also had a kid to take care of compete in Customer Services scores against our service stuff who worked from other locations in professional offices.

We assumed the Costa Rican hires would be comparatively unproductive, because we assumed that being a stay-at-home mother meant that you would be prone to distraction and are occupied with what naturally comes first – the children.

But what unfolded proved our assumptions wrong.

These mothers who worked from home, while simultaneously taking care of their children, actually outperformed fulltime Customer Support Teams that are based in an office. At that time we scored all our agents based on a metric called the Awesomeness Quotient. It was a metric measuring emails answered multiplied by customer satisfaction scores using a polling service called NiceReply.com.

In BOTH metrics our moms outperformed regular 9-5 office workers.

Keep in mind that these moms had outdated laptops. They worked from home while our regular staff worked from a Mindvalley HQ, an office that was mentioned in Inc Magazine as one of the "World’s Coolest Workplaces." Plus they were also taking care of their kids.

Yet in every metric they outperformed.

We’re not absolutely sure why our experiment worked, but what we learned was this:

1. It’s important to trust the people you invest in. Why do we insist that people work around a 9-5 or report to a office to clock in? Perhaps the 9-to-5 work setting is merely an illusion. What if all employees could chose to work their own hours?

2. Motivated employees can easily juggle work and family. It’s a mistake to underestimate a man or women who is dedicated to their job yet has a child to raise.

3. We asked our moms to treat every customer as their personal angel. This means no copy and paste answers but actual meaningful personalized replies. We asked them to inject love and care into their emails. (Perhaps there was some quality about being a mom that helped fuel this.) Because within a few months customers began writing back claiming that we had blown them away with our level of service. Almost every week we have customers writing in to call us the ‘best customer service they have received in their lifetime.'

But more importantly, we are impacting and changing the lives of our Costa Rica Moms, enabling them to raise their children fulltime, while still delivering quality work and service to our customers from home.


On September 11, 2001 remember that was the day when employees began to "work on their hours." The next decade will be more as business become "female," as the old "male" will lose the power.


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Be happy, healthy, wise, and abundance,

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