When A Problem Becomes A Problem

Albert Einstein observed that humans cannot solve a problem with the same information which allowed the problem to become a problem.

The three biggest killers in the USA are cancer, heart disease, and obesity (diabetes).  Of those three, obesity is not perceived as a disease. With 30% of the US population overweight, and another 30% classified as medically obese, then it makes sense that 60% of the population need to lose weight. 

Yet 90% of those who intend to lose weight in 2014, will fail to keep the weight off in 2015.   And they do it again and again and again, year after year, decade after decade, until they are fitted for a oversized coffin.

My mom, called Mom Jane, had the same round-ness when my Dad married her (1953) as when she died many years later.  She had almost the same measurements too: sixty four inches in height and sixty inches around her waist.  Mom Jane had a new diet every year.

Mom Jane was habit-able: to the taste of margarine (we began eating the fake butter when butter was rationed during World War II), Cokes, hamburgers (before McDonalds), and her delicious home-made chocolate fudge (when fudge was gone, she wanted a chocolate bar).

Mom Jane was always dieting. She tried the grapefruit diet, lettuce diet, raw beef diet (my Dad teased about her Cro-Magnon diet), radish diet, etc.  She believed that diets could make her svelte, like when she was a teenager.

My Dad did not diet.  He was overweight but he did not like dieting.  My Dad’s measurements were as bad as my Mom Jane’s: he was 68 inches in height and his waist was 48 inches.

About 1960, my Dad began reading a health nature magazine in New York.  One article talked of using "natural" food, not a diet.  My Dad asked if Mom Jane would stop the un-natural food, and eat this new "healthier" food. She asked, "IF you will too?"  So, he and she began to "eat what was natural."  This new "no-diet" was easy to understand, and hard to do.

They had a plethora of problems.  They had to incorporate natural foods one by one, slowly … and they lost weight slowly- inch by inch. For their first “inch," they began to use real butter and real cream in coffee. Mom Jane still had her addictions to Coke.  She laughed about the “no-diet” that did not allow drinking Coke.  She drank three to six every day.  My Dad helped her to stop drinking Coke, with coffee, which is "natural."

My parents lived in Portola, with a population of 2,000, about seventy miles north of Lake Tahoe.  Portola had one small grocery store, and all the breads were white. Then my Dad received a flyer in the mail from Los Angeles, which talked about the benefits of whole wheat flour, and that he could bake his own whole wheat bread. He bought some flour, and began making his whole wheat bread … which made the inch by inch seem to become a foot by foot scenario.  If you eat naturally, you will lose weight … and increase your health.  Even if the program is easy to understand, and difficult to do. And my Dad knew that they had miles before they could let up on making changes … they had miles before they could sleep.

http://www.symbiosis4u.us/MP4/WhiteWheatFlour.html    by an MD (6 min)

When he died in 1976, my Dad had two elements he had advocated against: white flour poison and white sugar poison.  I have since added two elements: white salt poison, and manmade poison in the food.  (Mom Jane died three weeks after my Dad.)
I began to call them "white poisons" after seeing one of the neighborhood children eating sugar for lunch. I yelled at her mother, "You are giving your children white poison!"  After she recovered from her heart attack, I told the story from my Mom Jane and explained that white poisons are not poisons like Hemlock (killed Socrates), Cyanide (Nazi used hydrogen Cyanide in the gas chambers), or Arsenic (killed Napoleon). She thought I was weird, and I answered that I agreed.  But her children began eating more natural food after that.
Many people have heard the joke about “how to eat the whole elephant” … take one bite at a time. Many people do not understand that because they have never eaten naturally. So, If your intestines start growling or otherwise complaining from too much change too fast, slow down. Particularly in the very beginning stages, make only small changes to your diet (small bites to eat the elephant).
White Flour:  When my Dad was making bread, there were no non-white breads available in the stores.  Now the stores stock whole wheat breads as much as white flour breads because shoppers have become more aware.  The manufacturers will not make what shoppers will not buy. 

When I buy bread in a new store, I first check the weight (should have some heft), then I make sure the bread is not too soft (not doughy like), and that it has no additives or ingredients that I cannot recognize.  The last criterion I check, and of least importance, is the price … because I want to live until 120 years of age. And I can’t enjoy my money if I’m dead anyway.

White Sugar: I watched a Dr Robert Lustig video in 2009 just before my 6 month old Grandson Brody and my daughter visited me. Remember, that Brody was just breaking his first tooth.  While I was holding Brody, I ate a peanut butter sandwich.  I got some of the peanut butter on my finger.  Usually, I would wipe the peanut butter off with a napkin.  This time, I gave the peanut butter to Brody.  He loved it. So, I gave him more peanut butter on my finger.  I did this about three or four times with the peanut butter smeared on my finger. Brody's mother was watching me and said, "You should not feed him peanut butter!"  So, I put Brody on the floor and he crawled away.  My daughter and I then had a nice conversation (not about peanut butter for babies).  After a minute, Brody crawled back to interrupt the conversation.  As Brody crawled near his mother, his mother picked him up to hold him.  But Brody crawled past his mother's arms, held his hand out to me, and crawled toward more peanut butter. My daughter was shocked, "Well, I guess Brody loves peanut butter."  (His is now five years old, and he still loves peanut butter). 
Suggested Viewing:
See UCTV, Dr. Robert Lustig’s the “Sweet Addiction” at  http://www.symbiosis4u.us/MP4/SugarSweetAddiction.html  (It is session four [7 minute] of nine on “Skinny and Obesity” at the University of California TV. 

You can also watch the extra sessions:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0zD1gj0pXk&list=PLB9BC165392E146AC&index=9  If you enjoy a 90 minutes lecture (I did) on “Sugar-The Bitter Truth”, and then watch the lecture at UCSF here: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=uctv
White Salt: US salt is just sodium chloride and iodine, iodized salt contains around 61 ppm (parts per million).  Sea Salt has a naturally occurring, trace amount of iodine at around 68 parts per million.  Sea salt has 75+ additional minerals:  Zinc. Copper, Erbium, Tin, Manganese, Cerium, Fluoride, Rubidium, Gallium, Boron, Titanium, Bromine, Chloride, Sodium, Sulfur, Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Silicon, Carbon, Iron, Aluminum, Praseodymium, Strontium.  My Dad would have agreed that sea salt is natural.

Manmade Ingredients: Try deciphering the ingredients on any package of processed food and you'll probably abandon your hopes that any healthy man-made foods exist.  Most Americans have a “body burden” of between  400 - 800 toxic chemicals stored in their bodies (1) as the result of 3 billion pounds of toxic chemicals which the EPA website records and releases reports on yearly (2) … that is approximately ten pounds per person, per year, in the USA … generating a chemical mixture with unknown and unpredictable consequences

1  Ref: chemicalbodyburden.org quotes a study by the EPA that states the toxic chemicals found in modern humans averages 700 of the current 70,000 chemicals used in the USA
2  Ref: yosemite.epa.gov  12/16/2010 “Across the U.S. in 2009, 3.37 billion pounds of toxic chemicals were released into the environment, a 12 percent decrease from 2008.”  

After hundreds of different diets, you would think that at least one of them would give the results that were touted.  The one thing we have learned from diets is this … diets do not work.  Let me repeat that.


Isn’t the definition of insanity “doing the same thing over again while expecting different results?”

Be happy, healthy, wise, and abundance,
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