I am 75 years young, and I want a new business

I have started four business within my life. I saved from stock from the previous four business. Beginning the 2001, I lost all of the stocks which had saved from the previous four businesses (about 1 million dollars). Because I am 75 years young, I am looking for a new business. With my grey hair, I want a new business, more like a hobby.


I looked google about businesses that started with 60+ the owner. Here's what I had.


I do NOT want a business like the Colonel Harlan Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken. He was a sixth-grade dropout (same as my Dad), a farmhand, an army mule-tender, a locomotive fireman, an insurance salesman, a ferryboat entrepreneur, a tire salesman, an (unsuccessful) political candidate, a gas station operator, a motel operator and finally, a restaurateur. At the age of 65, a new interstate highway snatched the traffic away from his restaurant and Sanders was left with nothing but a Social Security check and a secret recipe for fried chicken. He took his first social security check, hit the road to sell his chicken recipe. He had 1009 presentations before he got a first sale.

I do not a business with a hard sell to make my business.

I do NOT want a business like Grandma Moses. She began painting in her seventies because of arthritis abandoned a career (?) in embroidery. She painted in a natural way, drawing from her memory and capturing American rural life. (Her famous "Sugaring Off" painting.) She lived to be 101 and in the last year of her life painted twenty-five pictures.


I do not to work for 40 hours every week, until I die.


I do NOT want a business like Wally Blume (age at startup: 62). Blume worked over 20 years in the dairy business, and created an ice cream business with some partners. The ice cream business became a bigger hit flavor. So, Blume decided to go it alone, mortgaged his house, bought out his partners, and start Denali Flavors. The company has eventually had over $85 million in annual sales.

I do not for a business that takes a mortgage your home, even if it makes $85 millions.

I do NOT want a business like Mary Tennyson. She came up with her idea after her 92-year-old mother stumbled and broke her hip. Her mother (still full of life, even when using a walker) had trouble carrying a handbag. So Mary came up with the idea of a pocketbook that attaches to a walker. Mary launched the Stashall® website in 2008, going directly to consumers, demonstrating how Boomers can take advantage of 21st century business models and readily available technology to successfully leverage their ideas and expertise no matter how old they are (Mary Tennyson started at 63 years of young).

I want a business which has "important personal need," and the website is the future of the business (may now).

I do NOT want a business like Lisa Gable (age at startup: 70). At an age when many have retired, Lisa Gable got tired of an annoyance by the single bra strap. She invented a new kind of bra strap. The Strap-Mate receives wide distribution and is still available today (Strap-Mate look in Google). She was still running the company at age 85!

I want a business that makes customers "find living with effortless" --- not like high heels, without panty hose, or painful corsets.

I do NOT want a business like Art Koff. Art retired at 65, like many people, but couldn’t face not working and knew that lots of other older people were in the same boat. So he started a job board for older people called Retired Brains in 2003. Twelve years later the business is still going strong – and he is 77 years and still going strong.

I have never met a retirement, who would be the first job and the last job at McDonalds.

I do NOT want a business Jeanne Dowell (age at startup: 80). Jeanne Dowell spent over 40 years teaching yoga, including a stint under the US Olympic Committee. Then in 2008 she founded Green Buddha clothing, with her daughter, Dana Dowell Windatt, with the goal of inspiring Gratitude. The company exemplifies that by giving a percentage of its profits to charity.

If a business not gives to charities, the business will not survive. But, a business has to make money --- to gives charity.

I do NOT with a business to learn easier. I do NOT with a business to learn in a year. I had to learn AutoCad, Master Cam, Solid Works, for the machine shop. I had a monthly Archometry with magazine, Bowhunter Western. In 1992, those articles which grew into the http://www.symbiosis4u.us ... with 5 GB of typing and pictures.

What business can you tell me what make a retired man to begin to dream. Perhaps I am thinking about a perfect business, or is the thought is just another dream.

Be happy, healthy, wise, and abundance,

Tom Van Drielen


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