You Can Hit A Run Home ... If You Don't Flinch

In 1852, some trigonometry gurus, identified the Everest as the world's highest mountain. This announcement captured the international imagination. Soon the idea of reaching the summit of the "roof of the world" - - - as the "ultimate geographic feat."

For one hundred years, the Everest was un-conquered by man.

On May 23, 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa guide Tenzing Norgay, became the first men to successfully reach the summit of Mt. Everest - - - and live to tell about it. Hillary was not his first attempt to conquer the world's highest peak, many died in those previous attempts.

Many men tried the Summit, and were frozen in the ice.

On June 8, 1924, two members of a British expedition, George Mallory and Andrew Irvine, attempted
the summit. Mallory had already failed twice at reaching the summit.
When asked why he wanted to climb Everest he said "because it's there." The two men were last spotted "going strong" for the top until the clouds perpetually swirling around Everest engulfed them. They then vanished - - - frozen.

Mallory's body was not found for 75 years, in May 1999. His evidence was found on his body - - - such as a camera containing photos of the summit, or a diary entry recording their time of arrival at the summit - - - to clear up the mystery of whether these two Everest pioneers made it to the top - - - before the mountain killed them.

In 1996, fifteen people died trying to reach the summit, making it the deadliest single year in the mountain's history.

Mallory and Irvince were died, causing a bitter failures for Hillary. There is a legendary story of Hillary attending a dinner after one of his failed attempts. The dining hall they were in was situated at the base of the mountain and had a large window that looked up toward Everest.

With a clenched fist raised to his immovable enemy, Hillary declared, "You beat us once. You beat us twice - and more. But you will not beat us forever, because we can grow and you can't."

Because Hillary and Norgay left the crest, since 4,000 men and women has trek to crest - - - 200 died while trekking.  In 1976, a Japanese woman reached the world highest mountain. In 2013, an 80 years Japanese man made the crest. In 1970, an Japanese alpine skied the Everest --- using a parachute to slow his descent. In 2001, Eric Weihenheimer proved that a blind man can reach the highest mountain on Earth.

See Eric's video here: http://www.symbiosis4u.us/MP4/TeamNoLimits.html

So it is in your life.

Yes, there are problems in your life - - - you are alive.

Do not circumstances thwart your progress - - - and your life.

Technologies will change. Marketing ideas will evolve. You will find yourself in a daydream of confusing options and ideas.

But, none of this matters. It doesn't matter because - - - you can grow and change and adapt. You can act, and you can grow better, because the frustrating matters cannot grow.

Braille, computer systems, wheel chairs, and sign learning, are not the answer. They are tools.

You - - -  and you alone - - - are the answer to your success because you are the one that will take action. There is no "done for you" success system in business or life.

It's an inside job.

See another video of Eric showing his "inside" job: http://symbiosis4u.us/MP4/Adversity.html

Be happy, healthy, wise, and abundance,
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