Business Relationships Should Be Personal

You have the best sales message in the world, yet, the prospect will not understand your sales message. Your prospects will always understand it through a prism of their own emotions: preconceptions, prejudices, and pre-existing beliefs --- not your sales message. Your emotions effect your message, but  not for the customer's emotion.


I did not understand the last paragraph when Brian Tracy said that "business messages must be personal, not just business." Brian said that if your customer will to buy from an old friend if that same selling a similar your product, and your price, the old friend gets the sales. 


Every husband considers, and believes, that a wife is easier to sell (accept him) --- except when she is mad.  


If your similar product is better, if a customer prefers to buy with an old friend against a new salesman (you are the new salesman) --- even if your better product, and with a lower price. The old friend still makes the sales, not your better product and lower priced.


You cannot say the words that your "customer wants before you become their old friends."  You must go deeper into the emotions of an a customer. You must understand what makes their heart racing, what keeps them up at night, and what drives them to do irrational, spontaneous, impulsive --- totally emotional things.


Brian has a video that tells all "http://www.symbiosis4u.us/MP4/BrianTracy-3Keys2NewThinking.html." (8 minutes)


Next I found Mark Ford, a sales mentor and has been teaching "the need to dive deep into the thoughts, feelings, and emotions" of buyers. Mark Ford calls it the “Core Buying Emotion.”


First, you know exactly how to talk to them. Recognize that all relationships are personal. There is no such thing as a business relationship. Making a relationship must be a personal choice. It's up to you to make that connection.


Second, because you are a salesman, you are to continuously to offer a sale.  Do not to use Fire, and then Ready, Aim --- like a deer running into your car. You’ll remember that  your buyer is NOT the first step of Fire, you should began to Ready, Aim.  Use the four cornerstones of Ready, Aiming — rapport, generosity, accountability, and transparency. If you leave out even one of them, the deer hits your bumper. The relationship can't thrive as it should.


Third, you know what design, images, colors, and styles will appeal to them and entice them to buy and buy more often.


My office has pictures with my family, two patents for archery, some business achievements, and two posters of Teamwork (two mountaineers who climb a cliff) and Leadership (with a powerful, running horse). When a salesman enters my office, he gives them 30 seconds to sell what they sell. Unless --- if the salesman enter my office comment something in my office (you have two patents?), I will give a couple of minutes --- unless the salesman comments the "pretty horse," not about "Leadership."


Yes, the book is judged by its cover.


Fourth, is called "asking for the sale." Before you Fire, you aim your price product compared to your comparisons. Here is the pattern:


          A. Ask just two quality questions that get people to openly describe something important in their life. Ask what they want and why they want it.


          B. Listen with eyes and ears. Listen carefully to their answers. Note the words, images, and emotions they use.


          C. Mirror. Remember the words your customer uses. Take those words, images, and emotions and see how you can honestly and rationally connect them to the products and services you offer. Reflect all of this back to them. Realize that your prejudice can hinder a relationship. It is the starting point from which you'll hold back a relationship. Think of what the relationship could be "someday" --- and act.


          D. Selling is a rejoice in the better life, when you helped them achieve what they find to buy, and deposit money in your bank.


Everyone loves to buy, what they want, but everyone hates to be sell. Remember, your buyer is not a buyer until you sell yourself. Every business messages must be personal, not just business.


 Be happy, healthy, wise, and abundance,

Tom Van Drielen


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