Teens Re-invent The Burma Shave Signs

Recently I drove past a curbside car wash where students were raising money for their school music program.  For a block before their car wash location, students stood at the curb waving signs at passing motorists. 

The signs reminded me of the old Burma Shave ads, that used to dot our highways.  Beginning in 1925, Burma Shave used to put small wooden signs near the road with a series of comments, like a sentence broken into easy to read words.  For example…
#1 Although insured
#2 Remember, kiddo
#3 They don't pay you
#4 They pay
#5 Your widow
#6 Burma-Shave

Like the old Burma Shave ads, these students held up signs with progressive comments.

#1 high gas prices
#2 got you cranky?
#3 when washed and waxed
#4 you get more
#5 sMILES per tanky!

Their signs made me laugh.  If I had not been enroute to an appointment, I would have stopped.  As I drove on, their signs also made me start thinking about what these students were really saying.
High Gas Prices:  Almost all of consumer products (and including products for business) are increasing.  Since 1970 prices has launched like a rocket into space. In 1970, most families had one job.

I bought my first home in 1964 next to the IBM plant, when there were fifty homes on my street.  Most of the wives, and mothers, did not work out the home. Only two homes had wives earned incomes: one husband was an alcoholic who died in the first year, and the second wife worked with her husband's business.
Now most families has two jobs: husband job, and the wife job.  We are beginning three incomes: husband job, wife job, and a second part job.

The Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank has a chart with prices, beginning to 1913 (when started the Federal Reserve Bank) until 2013.  In 2013, I changed into a visual picture from the FRB chart of hist1800.cfm.  Source: Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis at http://www.minneapolisfed.org/community_education/teacher/calc/hist1800.cfm

After the 1980's, "official" inflation has not including any product with a VOLATILE price.  Examples of volatile products, would be gasoline, housing, medical costs, insurance, and tax increases, are not included in the CPI.  For example, if gasoline increase for your autos and trucks, that does not increase the CPI.  The price of gasoline does increase the CPI when groceries because of the higher gasoline cost.

"The best way out is always throughout," (not about inflation … or it is). http://www.symbiosis4u.us/MP4/BestWayOutIsAlwaysThrough.html (2 min) 

Got You Cranky: Most persons are cranky on Monday morning, which is also the most heart attack on Monday morning.  A cranky person is like a infection, and he will infect another person to become another cranky. Take to change a cranky … is like spooning medicine to a person who is already dead.

When Washed and Waxed:  I enjoy washed and waxed (shaved). 
In the shower, I turn the water on very hot, and just let the water relax my body.  My shower is done, or when the heat water has cool.  I like a shower, but never enjoy a bath (except when I join my wife on a bath).

I have never wanted to wax the hairs on my body.  It looks painful.  I do shaving, but after I retired, I shave not every day.  I like the looks of my face after the whiskers are gone.  My wife likes my fresh shaving, maybe that is why I like shaving.  

sMiles Per Cranky:  When my youngest daughter, when she was fifteen years, she said, "I don't want to become old."
"Well Stephanie, why do you to become old?"
"Old people walk as like barefoot on broken glass, her eyes has to wear thick glasses, her skin looks like a alligator, and they cannot dancing the salsa!"
"Stephanie, do you like walking on barefoot on broken glass?  Have a fifteen years looks like a alligator skin but her skin burned?  And you has never learned how to dancing the salsa.  Perhaps, you will look to dancing the salsa when you are old?"
Stephanie did not answered me.

After I remembered that Stephanie had not answered me (24 years ago), so I sent Stephanie a video about an 102 woman, driving an 82 car. The old woman is not "an old woman," even if she is 102 of ages. I requested her, "That you will be 100 old, as the woman in the video."
http://www.symbiosis4u.us/MP4/102Woman-82YearCar.html  (3 min)

One Burma sets of signs stands at the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan.
#1 Within this vale
#2 Of toil
#3 And sin
#4 Your heads grows bald
#5 But not with your chin
#6 Burma-Shave 

A blessing for you because you read and listen:  When you are 102 years of age, become be happy, laud your good health, acclaim your wisdom, and learn to dance the salsa … but don't let your head grow bald.

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